Boy’s 28th Birthday (Day 2)

Day 2

Waking up in the noon, we’ve missed our breakfast time again :P

Done some preparation work and packing with stuff and food needed today while boy is still zzz-ing in bed.

328 LaksaToday, we’re going to re-visit Sentosa. Before we head there, we decided to satisfy Boy’s craving for Laksa at the next ‘Laksa Adventure’ at the famous 328 Katong Laksa at East Coast Road. It’s the 4th try! Look at the many all-over-the world celebrities that came here before just for the laksa. Boy totally enjoyed the big bowl of Laksa he had and the Otah for his 1st try, and he said this laksa is tummy-ache proven. It really enjoyable to see him being so happy eating his food, that gleam on his face, and the sweat on his nose from all the spicy-ness is really cute somehow. *giggles*

328 Otahlaksa wall

We went to Katong mall Cold Storage supermarket to get some other stuff needed for bbq tonight, like ice pack, charcoal, metal grill, drinks, honey and butter. Thereafter, off we go to our little sunny island!

Spending the whole other half of the noon on Siloso Beach, swimming in the water and playing on the beach Not exactly ‘swimming’, more like piggy-back walking from one end in the sea to the other and him playing with the seaweed he found on the bottom of the sea -_-” The notti boy, was so amused by the seaweed and pretended to walk out from the sea in a armpit full of seaweed, it was really hilarious, though the seaweed were really yucky to feel at 1st.

Songs of the Sea

After all the silly fun in the sea, we went for “Sounds of the Sea” show in the late evening. To our surprise, we were ‘Orea Cookies’. We’re the ‘white’ stuck in between many brown ‘Orea’ people. Nevertheless, the show was filled with singing, watershows, laserbeams, fireburst, fireworks :)

BBQ crayfish

We are already hungry from all the play and went back to start our sumptuous filled BBQ. BBQ menu: Chicken and beef skewers with button mushroom, green pepper, tomato, spring onion, yummy Saba fish with lemon & mayo, Sambal chilli grilled stingray, squid, prawns and absolutely delicious crayfish! Of cos, we cannot do without our cute BBQ chef and also a chubby boy’s cooking audience of his work. We were filled to the brim with so much food.

As the night is turning late, we went to our little ‘island’, our spot, spending time together. It was a really nice day.