Laksa Review #1 – Boy’s 1st Singapore Laksa

It was upon chance that we found this Laksa at Vivo’s Food Republic. It wasn’t of all very much fantastic yummy kind but generally acceptable. The soup base is more watery and mild, but still had the laksa tatse that it should have. The ingredients were nothing fancy, just some fishcakes, prawns, fishballs, and dried tofu, not much of ingredients in it for the cost, but it’s very much expectable price for Food Republic’s food, a bit tat overpriced. Not something that we would look forward to eat when we are there. One try is enough….

This is his 1st try of Singapore’s Laksa, and he quite liked the kind of taste of it :) So, i decided to bring him for a better, yummier, more ‘Real’ Laksa the next time!

This had made us embark on our Laksa Adventure Journey

– the search for the best laksa we could find …and we would write reviews of them ;)

Boy 1st Laksa

so keep a lookout while we’re in progress of our Laksa Adventure!


  1. Andrew says:

    hahaa, this is my first real Laksa in the Singapore. I bet because of the location, this Laksa is very “conservative” not too strong, not too thick, not too spicy, not too much herbs! A very good gentle started for my Laksa experience indeed!

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