Birthday Dinner at the N Seoul Tower – N Grill

A truly unforgettable dinner!
Pauline and I went to the tallest point of Seoul for my Birthday Dinner.
The N Grill, Located at the top floor of N Seoul Tower!

The U-Shaped Table made the best seats for the dinner with a view!

360 View of seoul from our table :)

Thanks Pauline for making a reservation for the couple seats, we were able to dine in a U shape seats, so that we could enjoy the view of Seoul moving along!

The dinner was really delicate and delicious. From seafood appetizer to the desert, its full of surprises and we really do enjoyed it a lot!


Minestrone soup and the lemon sorbet for freshen up your taste buds.

Foie Gras, Wagyu Beef, Back of Lamb

After the dinner, we were lucky enough to take the last cable car to go back to the city!
and when we got back to the hotel……. Another cake is waiting for me!

And wow, its a Potato Cake from Korea, said to be very famous locally.

The cake was nice, but where it seemed that the cream, the egg etc flavor had covered the taste of Potato….

Thanks Dear for the planning :)

More pictures of the night: