My poor Shiro was shaved totally bald few weeks ago, all his cute fluffy white fur is gone! Why?! Because the poor thing couldn’t deal with the heat in Singapore and had so much rashes all over his body that lead to some infection. To save him from all the torture, we had to shave him bald and apply his medicine properly, mo matter how much we loved his fur!

First few days, he was still quite upset-looking. Probably knows he’s not as handsome anymore? :|

Shiro: “Why did they shave me bald.. now no girls would look at me.. :'(“

After a few days, i guessed he felt better and finally smiling. :)

they tell me im still as cute!

Shiro: “they tell me i’m still as cute!”

he has recovered by now! :) Just waiting to grow his lovely fur back.


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