Authentic Korean BBQ!

After long and fun shopping experience in Seoul, we head for some real authentic Korean BBQ!
Searching thru the internet, found out this local favorites is serving “butcher to order” beef…
so here we go!

Since korean tends to like beef with a more chewy, so this shop does not sell beef that is aged for a softer texture.  Their beef is mosit, more red and the flavor is more tense!

Located in MaPo Area, where there is a strip of Korean BBQ shops, we picked this one because it has the most review!

Surrounded by all locals, truly an unique experience!

Wood Charcoal makes all the difference too!

When we are almost done with the dinner, they gave us a bowl of chilled noodle to cool down the heatiness!

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  1. eileen says:

    the chilled noodles were a nice touch! if every shop served that, i wldnt have ended up with a major sore throat on my trip :p

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