2017 Disney Marvel 10K Weekend 2017!

My 2nd Disney Run and we are hoping that this could be our annual activity!  This year Claudia joined the 200m race and it was just as fun!
Looking forward for her to join the 3km next year and it should be very fun!

Disney 10k Weekend 2017

Marvel 10k Weekend

Captain American 10k

Disneyland 10K Run

Duffy 10k Weekend

Disneyland Hong Kong 10k Weekend

Captain America 10k Weekend

Disneyland kids weekend

Disneyland Run

Disney 200m Race

Disney 200m Weekend

Disneyland Kids race


Spiderman 10k weekend

Disneyland Hollywood Goofy Buffet

Disney Hollywood Playroom

Disneyland Playroom

Disneyland 10k Weekend Badge

We had a lot of fun at the Disneyland run and surely we will join again next year!