Our 1st Day of 2008!

Today is 2008 New Year’s Day!

It started with watching the New Year’s Day fireworks together at the strike of midnight at Boy EE’s balcony, with the fantastic view like the peak. :)

In the afternoon, we went to Jaspas Restaurant in Sai Gung and had really yummy breakfast for the 1st meal of the year… Ooops, actually Brunch :P Best of all, they allow to bring dogs! So, we brought Kannie along :D


The Salmon Egg Benedict & Waffles are really good! And also had Vanilla Shake with Honey.. Yum Yum

We love it! Would love to go again!

Egg Benedictvanilla shake

Kannie said it is Yummy too!

Kannie yum

After Brunch, we went for a walk along Sai Kung Pier and saw…

Pier Boatsboats pier

lotsa boat hawkers selling seafood, just like a seafood market~

Sai Kung Waterfront… and Andrew walking Kannie around the place

Sai Kung WaterfrontAndrew walking Kannie

and next… we went to Kannie’s favourite place! Sai Kung Lion’s Club Nature Center~~

Visited the shell exhibit center there… Boy carries him like a baby.. haha..

Shell exhibit

Kannie had so much fun running around freely at the place and having fun with other dogs too!

Kannie & frensKannie runs


Kannie run run run!

It’s fun seeing Kannie having so much fun playing around, happily running here and there….. brings us so much joy watching as well. We enjoyed it very much :D