Ferris Wheel~ 摩天轮

Ferris Wheel is a symbol of romance.
A wish came true. :*)
It seemed, the ferris waited for us or was it just another perfect timing?

The temporary Hong Kong Carnival was scheduled to end in March
but well, fate has it that it was announced to be scheduled to extend for another month!
till on the exact date 23 April, which is the exact date where i will leave Hong Kong for the trip. :D

I’m going to Hong Kong again from 18 April – 23 April 2007!

Singapore Flyer

On a side note . . .

Cruising along the expressway, the progress of the construction of SG’s Ferris Wheel is in view. It’s going to be magnificient. And something i am looking forward to.
One of the world’s most famous Large Ferris wheel – observation wheel is the ‘London eye’ in London, UK, which is about 135m.

and then will HK decide to build their own ‘London Eye’ ?

It would be nice.

Singapore’s Ferris Wheel named ‘Singapore Flyer’ which is set to built at 165m is due to completion on March 2008.

One year from now.
I can’t wait :)